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Agrifood Lab Hackathon

The agri-food sector continues to suffer significant losses due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. From mined fields to contaminated water and soil, the process of growing and harvesting crops is becoming increasingly challenging. EIT Food is committed to finding innovative and sustainable solutions in the following areas: 

  • soil and water treatment;
  • robots and process automation;
  • sustainable energy and energy efficiency;
  • food of the future.

Radar Tech, in collaboration with CIVITTA, INSCIENCE, and Innov8, developed and executed three online workshops and a 7-day offline hackathon based on the Stanford School of Design Thinking model. 

Thirteen teams, consisting of representatives from small businesses and startups, scientists, developers, engineers, farmers, designers, and marketers, were selected to participate in the hackathon. The event also included experts, representatives of the target audience (farmers, agricultural workers, entrepreneurs), and jury members.

7 cases
55 participants
13 teams
3 winning teams received cash prizes
4 teams were awarded tickets to participate in the New Food Summit