• Year: 2022 - 2023
Culture Change
Go to Business I, II

The goal of the program was to support entrepreneurial talent in agrifood in Ukraine and beyond, who despite all challenges strive to develop their business ideas and transform them into new solutions and startups in the future. The program focused on providing knowledge on transforming innovative ideas into business, developing entrepreneurial skills through a series of online workshops by practitioners.


Radar Tech team together with EIT Food (the world’s largest community of food innovations) launched an intensive program GoToBusiness for participants whose solutions or projects are at the idea stage. The program lasted for 2 weeks and included 6 workshops covering all the main stages of early-stage startup development: from idea and business model development to startup financing and presentation. Also, mentorship meetings were held with experts from different industries within the program. At the end of the program, participants with the best-developed solutions received financial prizes and gifts from EIT Food. The main goal of the program was to help participants improve their business model within a short period.

303 applications in total;
128 participants selected for the programs;
38 final presentations;
23 participants received gifts from EIT Food;
9 participants received monetary prizes.