Culture Change
Health Hackathon

The COVID-19 pandemic and the impact of russian war in Ukraine have led to an unprecedented rush to implement information technology (IT)-solutions in the healthcare sector. WHO wanted to find solutions to problems in the field of mental health, identifying the following 5 cases:
1. Healthy Lifestyle
2. Early detection and prevention of diseases
3. Mental health support
4. Convenient and safe interaction between doctor and patient
5. Effective interaction for doctors.


Radar Tech, in partnership with the consulting company CIVITTA and YEP, developed and implemented a 48-hour hybrid hackathon for World Health Organization.
Students, healthcare workers, marketers, IT specialists, and activists spent 48 hours, both offline and online, developing people-centered digital solutions that can contribute to the Ukrainian national healthcare strategy and meet the needs of patients, doctors and professional unions. Teams generated and presented digital solutions for five health challenges, with mentoring support from more than 30 experts from the health, tech and business sectors.

5 cases;
178 participants from all over Ukraine;
32 teams offline;
8 teams online;
6 additional nominations;
1 winner team
10 teams got 3 months of mentorship after Hackathon from Radar Tech and CIVITTA experts