Culture Change
PUMBSTORM hackaton

PUMB Bank wanted to involve employees in the creative process of solving  business cases and to find new solutions in the following areas: use of alternative data sources, the best customer experience for micro-entrepreneurs, innovative payment services for micro-business, services for children and adolescents, cryptocurrency transactions and application of blockchain technologies. Apart from that, the company’s intent was to discover fresh ideas within and to improve its corporate culture.


Radar Tech, powered by CIVITTA, helped to design and implement a 36-hour hackathon for PUMB employees – PUMBSTORM. The consulting company CIVITTA developed an innovative program and helped formulate cases. For two days, 80 participants from all over Ukraine worked on selected cases, generated applicable ideas, consulted with mentors/experts of the bank and presented their decisions to the jury experts.

8 cases;
80 participants from all over Ukraine;
17 solutions;
6 additional nominations;
1 winner-team.