Startup engagement
The first {Innovation Hackathon} for Nova poshta

Nova Poshta planning to integrate an AI assistant into self-service to enhance modernity and interactivity while automating internal branch operations. To achieve this goal, the company decided to host a hackathon, uniting AI teams and IT specialists to develop and implement a solution.


In response to Nova Poshta’s request, Radar Tech, in with the consulting company CIVITTA, identified and developed two hackathon cases:

  • The AI assistant that understands speech and talks to customers;
  • AI assistant can create documents using company templates.

The hackathon featured 18 teams, including AI startups, IT specialists, and teams of enthusiastic student developers. Over the course of 36 hours, participants worked on solving the cases and developing prototypes. The hackathon also involved 16 experts from both Nova Poshta and external specialists with experience in innovation, startup development, pitching and marketing.

2 case studies;
60 offline participants and 16 online;
18 teams;
3 winning teams received cash prizes;
5 teams received invitations to participate in the pre-acceleration boot camp from accelerator Challenger AI.